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Very X Bauer

What we wear and the way we wear it has the power to transform the way we feel . The…

What we wear and the way we wear it has the power to transform the way we feel


The idea

Joyful Style Jump Start

This campaign was all about giving our readers a joyful jump start with Very, reigniting their love of fashion and focusing on the positive impact it can have on their mood and their lives.

What we wear and the way we wear it has the power to transform the way we feel. A great outfit can be the difference in our mood, making us feel more confident, powerful, beautiful, and ready to take on the world.

Across heat, Closer and Grazia, we wanted to connect with our readers with Very through relevant, inspirational, and stylish content across digital, social and print activations.


The challenge

Very were looking to target mums on a budget, planning a seasonable wardrobe and home refresh, with Very at the forefront for their cross-category lifestyle needs with a campaign aimed to grow their confidence.


The execution

The centre piece for this campaign focused around an attention grabbing, high impact print spread across heat, Closer and Grazia magazine.

All content was created at a bespoke shoot that was styled by our renown fashion team.

Shoppable videos ran across Grazia, heat and Closer, working with our first-class editorial teams, alongside influencers to talk through Very’s summer collection, bringing their curation to life.

Smartzer technology was then embedded to allow users to shop directly from the content. This was a first for heat and Closer, creating a new and exciting way to interact with our users.

Through social media, the team were able to capitalise on how their target demographic frequently searched for fashion inspiration via social media platforms.

Each brand created a series of short, snappy Instagram reels and TikTok shorts to showcase the Very collection and interiors which were brought to life by models that reflected Very’s target demographic.

The Grazia team also put out daily content on their digital-first parenting platform The Juggle to show daily recommendations of what to buy and where to look.

To further drive engagement, Bauer’s first party data solution illuminate was used to direct mums on a budget through to Very to purchase.


The results

A 10-minute online survey was created following the campaign that covered awareness and evaluation:

Consideration of Very increased.
9/10 brand perceptions of Very being stylish and fashion-forward.
47% took some action after having seen the campaign.
Purchase of both fashion and homeware increased by 6% amongst those exposed to the campaign.
All illuminate cohorts and formats exceeded benchmarks.


“Through this partnership with Bauer we were able to unlock new and innovative solutions to better connect with our target customer, leveraging Bauer’s editorial expertise and in-house talent to curate an engaging multi-title/channel partnership that delivered on our campaign ambitions of improving style credibility perceptions for Very whilst also delivering rich traffic to site, where Bauer-accredited products aided in converting to sales, recording an average uplift in sales of +17%.”